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Increasing Literacy through Innovation

We are pioneers in Edutech along with Forest School pedagogy where we encourage nations to embrace online education and home-based learning. We provide the tools and strategy to bring standardized learning to the digital landscape and include all members of the family and community in the education process.

Hive Mentality

The Future of Education

The career expertise needed for the next generation requires an entirely new outlook on education. We have invested heavily into multiple literacy programs as central to our pedagogical method as we foretell the shifts in industry needs. These include a shift into treating English and Chinese as the central business languages of the future. They also include treating computer programming and artificial intelligence literacy as secondary languages. With this education model, we can improve the opportunities for the next generation in your country to be relevant in the world job market.

We not only create the pedagogy and research, but also the tools and Edutech ecosystems needed to implement our methods. We have an overall focus on STEAM literacy with our P-20+ Initiative, where children as young as preschool start their journey into STEAM Education. We also shift nations into seeing education as a lifelong journey as we pull the working class back into digital learning to increase performance, which in turn will increase GDP and GNI respectively.

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Enterprise EduTech

We are experts in Edutech and partners with multiple Enterprise Education companies to provide your entire country the solution you need that can scale and streamline your learning system. We have over 20 years of experience shaping education.

Learning Programs

The Focus Hive is our supplementary education solution to provide an interactive bridge for job shadowing, internships, and multiple learning programs that track engagement and bridge the gap between education and industry. Our platform can host up to 500,000 students per hive and utilizes the Azure Active Directory which can be integrated with existing government systems.

Open-Source LMS

We built the Pedadida LMS framework on the backbone of the most widely used Open-Source LMS tools and customized it for a unique, yet powerful solution. It runs on Moodle and Wordpress and can work easily within restricted budgets where you will have full control over your learning ecosystem. Check it out on Github to get started or contact us for expert implementation.

Full P-20+ Solution

The Tao Learning Consortium is a full education solution for Preschool, K-12, Higher Education, and Career Advancement that is innovative and STEAM focused to help your country become leaders of tomorrow which can be modular or full-scale.

As industry leaders in literacy, we offer multiple EduTech solutions and our years of experience to consult world leaders for impact in education. We provide new solutions in the realm of education, literacy, and even community development for enterprise sectors. We connect industry and education so communities can thrive. Our solutions ensure students can see a clear reason to invest their energy into education and stay passionate for learning. We work with countries of all sizes to see the strengths and weaknesses of the student culture, then provide insight into the Edutech solutions or pedagogical methods we are capable of providing.

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