We Teach the Future

Global Literacy

We teach over 20 languages important in the future such as English, AI, Finance, Coding, Etiquette, and more.

STEAM Education

We prep students from Healthcare to Aerospace and how to stay relevant in a world powered by technology.

Tech Focused Families

We design communities with a focus on nuclear families that utilize advanced resource planning and innovation.

We advance education in a P-20+ Initiative. We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization headquartered in the USA with multiple literacy programs around the world & online.

We have many online programs and in centers around the world to encourage children to find their inner voice. We inspire them to become authors, be creative, and express themselves at the earliest age possible.

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As the world becomes more tech-savvy, we embrace that side of education but also emphasize the importance of social collaboration, hive mentality, and teamwork. It is here that humans will find purpose in the future.

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Tao Learning is partnered with multiple enterprises to give students the opportunity to job shadow and intern in international businesses across multiple sectors. We continue to build partnerships for this purpose.

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Healthy Living

Believe it or not, our health is the centerpiece to all of our learning. When we get the right nutrients, our brain craves knowledge. So before we can tackle other forms of literacy, we envision a world where fitness is first.

Family Empowerment

It is no surprise that a happy family also means happy grades and a bright future. Thus, we not only encourage family involvement, but we build programs and tools to make sure nuclear families thrive and are honored.

Literacy Automation

As we evolve, languages do, too. We create methods so people see the benefit of learning multiple languages and using advanced communication methods to streamline the transfer of information throughout the world.

AI & Aerospace

Building new frontiers, the workforce of tomorrow will prioritize sectors such as AI, Aerospace, Robotics, and other areas that are currently just getting started. We are at the forefront of this with literacy programs for kids.

While we can't predict an exact future, we do have a clear understanding that technology, aerospace, advanced health, and advanced literacy are guaranteed central focuses of our future. We also know that our future depends on a sustainable environment. Knowing this, we continue to create pedagogical methods and programs that prepare our civilization for the foundation needed of the future. We collabore with Ministers of Education, World Leaders, large Education Consortiums, and the general public to increase literacy in all the core languages of the future.

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Executive Team

Matthew Hackney

Mr. Hackney sees shifts in culture, then create systems and strategies for desired societal outcomes while leading education teams in over 30 countries to innovate pedagogical methods.

Zain Raza

A Social Architect for over 10 years who works with Enterprises, traveling across Asia to teach children in developing nations while coaching 3rd world leaders in pedagogy.

Donna Lazarescu

As a DevOps Expert & Strategist, Ms. Lazarescu organizes productivity through leadership, human resource management, and creating industry workplace culture.