After seeing the results of many civilizations having been built around the world, anthropologists, economists, and experts in many fields now agree the importance of literacy as the core function of society. It is our mission to teach the most important languages for society to function at its highest capacity. At the Tao Learning Institute, we have multiple programs to achieve this mission as we continue to evolve our process and mediums by which we spread awarness of language learning.

Most people and even most educators only relate literacy to the spoken languages, however literacy goes much deeper than this. We open people's mind to the idea of continual learning of languages in a variety of fields. You can learn financial literacy, computer languages, social etiquette, business operations as a language, family values literacy, mindfulness as a language and much more. When these fields are treated as a language instead of a subject, it is much easier for teachers to break down the material in digestible ways. This pedagogical approach is revolutionary and more efficient than traditional learning. Our minds can only hold a few languages and those which we speak the most frequently are the ones we will remain fluent in.

We work equally between a few key missions. First, we forecast the most essential languages for society's successful in the future. We then create outlines, metrics, and pedagogical models of the teaching mediums needed to increase fluency. We then prioritize raising awareness in society and schools towards the importance of these chosen languages. Lastly, we steer students to specific channels, inspiration, and environments necessary to study these languages. Civilization continues to evolve and new languages become crucial for economic success in individuals and also larger scale literacy is needed in new areas for the sustainability of mankind. We are pioneers in the field of literacy and work with world leaders, educators, and the society at large to play a central role in solutions towards a more literate future.