Our team

Our Staff & Volunteers

Our community is crowd-sourced and relies on teachers and collaborators from all over the world. We empower many education leaders and have thousands who help our mission. Listed are a few we have highlighted.

  • Madonna Piesta
  • Baylee Stokes
  • Felicia Swinney
  • Hanan Al-Shadadi
  • Shumaila Siddiqui 
  • Jacob Heckert
  • Alia Chaudhry
  • Nadezda Razumova
  • Charlot Babatid
  • April Samson
  • Lisa McCray
  • Sofia Wagner
  • Pratik Banerjee
  • Juanita Romano
  • Bili Petrova
  • Kunal Pandey
  • Noman Sohail
  • Michi Tsuruta

Board of Directors

The Tao Learning Institute’s Board of Directors provides guidance, oversight, and support. They are leaders in education, business operations, and ethics with enduring commitment to equality, education, and community development.

Matthew Hackney

Mr. Hackney sees shifts in culture, then create systems and strategies for desired societal outcomes while leading education teams in over 30 countries to innovate pedagogical methods.

Zain Raza

A Social Architect for over 10 years who works with Enterprises, traveling across Asia to teach children in developing nations while coaching 3rd world leaders in pedagogy.

Donna Lazarescu

As a DevOps Expert & Strategist, Ms. Lazarescu organizes productivity through leadership, human resource management, and creating industry workplace culture.

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