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The Tao Learning Institute collaborates with numerous partners to achieve our goals in literacy and education with a wide array of programs touching upon women empowerment, STEAM literacy, career advancement, and other supplementary learning initiatives. We offer multiple avenues for partnership outlined through these categories.


We are leaders in EduTech and Pedagogical Solutions and we are Authorized Education Partners with Microsoft.

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We offer sponsorship for Corporate initiatives. We also create staff training & enterprise retention programs

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We provide the tools and strategy to bring wide-spread literacy to entire nations through innovative learning.

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We design, strategize, and implement innovative solutions for parents and educators for preschool-aged children. We have a strong belief in family values, safety, happiness, and edutainment at such a young age.

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Home School

We push every child to find their passion and to step into an enterprise environment at the youngest age possible. We partner them with work study programs to really hone in on what their true passions are.

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Higher Education

We've been leaders in Edutech and the LMS industry for over 20 years where we provide digital solutions and pedagogical systems for higher education. We have created these for Universities internationally.

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Research Facilities

We partnered with multiple Hospitals, Universities, and Research groups to provide students entering various fields the opportunity to experience the research sector. We also have an R&D branch within our organization.

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Small Business

Tao Learning has created unique programs for incubation and entrepreneurship to onboard staff easily while also streamlining the start-up process for small business owners. We offer opportunities to collaborate or share our resources.

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NGOs & Non-Profits

We share over two decades of expertise and our abundance in resources with fellow non-profits. We have operating standards, consulting material, and offer program collaboration where it suits both parties. Let us see how we can align our goals.

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We work within the SDG 4 parameters to align with world organizations in sustainable visions for the future of global literacy. Our NGO enjoys following compliance and procedural methods for international success on initiatives.

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Small & Mid Enterprises

Our international partnerships, longevity in education, attention to detail, and best-practices in ERP can become assets for SMEs. We provide training, free digital resources, and continue to expand our literacy where we see SMEs struggle most.

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While we have many existing platforms, we have team teams available to scale your literacy needs if they match global standards in education. We are adaptable and flexible in our approach. We constantly reshape learning platforms to stay relevant in our ever-changing socieies. Contact us if you'd like to pioneer into a new frontier of literacy and desire our partnership for your organization.

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