We've been leaders in education and have created education systems for over 20 years where we have designed numerous methods, known as the Tao Learning Pedagogy. We conduct anthropological studies to determine the most effective method for various civilizations to not only ingest knowledge, but to also enjoy the process. Over time, this has solidified our understanding of what works, what doesn't, and what systems we're excited about building for the future.

Overall, not one pedagogical method is appropriate for the whole of society. This is why we even call ourselves Tao Learning. Tao encompasses the good, the bad, and everything in between. When we appropriately honor all aspects of life and make everything a learning opportunity, it really gives shape to a new style of learning not only for students but for world leaders and civilizations alike. We also do not like to force education. This means making simple changes to society such as encouraging grandparents to become mentors to children instead of using tax dollars to strengthen an industrialized education model that doesn't seem to be nearly as effective as other possibilities. Simple changes like this create a profound impact on the student and our financial flow in society.

We have created a number of key programs that on the surface look like brands, but when you look deeper you will see these programs are actual branches of philosophy that all intertwine into our main approach. We create narratives for each archetype of student so they feel they are the center of attention and that our learning programs are catered just to them. We also remove the idea of a teacher as the authority figure and instead redirect students to look into their own heart and to let their own inner voice guide them. This system is known as The SMILE Method™. We have various other pedagogical methods for each age group, archetype, or stage in life. These can be found in our Tao Learning Consortium and throughout the various sponsored programs designed by Tao Learning. Once you understand this overall philosophy, you'll see why we've chosen to have so many programs in so many opposite directions. At the same time, they all come into our overall vision of a P-20+ Initiative. This initiative focuses on the idea that we should not end our education process, but instead we should strive to design a lifestyle around learning. To become forever students, if you will. Once a student shifts their perspective into the idea of making education a habit & a lifestyle, they become more patient with themselves and start seeking long-term strategies to success in career fields they actually have passion for and to be comfortable with failure and experimentation as part of the learning process.