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Help us to eradicate all sorts of social evils from the world.


Syrian refugee children are the worst affected of the turmoils. We provide proper educational facilities to these children for free so that they bring forth a better future for themselves.
$2,580 to go


Tao Learning group works selflessly to provide permanent shelter to children in Islamabad, whose financial condition is nil. We try to provide the basic amenities to them.
$950 to go


In a place like Sudan; where water scarcity is a major problem, we provide aids for drinking water. Water fit for consumption is provided to as many possible villages in Sudan.
$560 to go

SMILE Network v1.0

Online Learning

In Version 1.0 we have partnered with Microsoft for Education and have built a robust platform with students all over the world who take part in Work Study Programs while using our online tools. The SMILE Network has over 10 business sectors students can get involved in and we are currently building a reporting tool so students and administrators alike can monitor their usage. With over 20 different pieces of enterprise level software on the platform, we encourage students to engage in multiple sectors so they can experience as much as possible in a live work environment.

v1.0 Progress

$18,500 Raised of $25,000 Milestone

How To Help Us

Your little time and patience is all we need. Your useless items are important to others.

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Donate as much as you can. Your little efforts will bring a smile to a thousand faces. Donate the things that you no longer use.

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Apart from donating, join us and become volunteers to experience the wonders.

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Become a SMILE Coach

Help Curious Minds Find Answers

Through our SMILE Coach training, volunteers show pathways to success for students of all ages. The training program teaches motivational techniques to pass along to students so they can create a lifestyle filled with creativity, learning, and exploration in subjects that will shape their life.


Our Volunteers Says

Meet our volunteers and know from them the basic objectives we promote.

I joined Tao Learning as a student of e-commerce learning and finance. Apart from getting my certified degree and well knowledge about the subject concerned, I learned the real motto of life i.e. to help.

John Doel

My husband introduced me to Tao Learning and explained their objectives. Fascinated by the noble deed I eagerly joined them, it gives me great pleasure to be a part of this family.

Raisa Doel
House Keeper

Every year thousands of children coming from backward society get an opportunity to study, Tao Learning is putting effort to create a community of peace and non-violence by helping thousands every year.

Josh Doel

All across the world, Tao Learning has many happy clients who willfully joined us and influenced others to come over and extend their help.

Sasha Doel

Our Gallery

Our gallery consists of the happy memories that we have gathered till now.


Meet Ocu Deyen

Meet Ocu Deyen, while he speaks on the major issues in Syria and assist us with our mission to make the situation better for the affected people.


Upcoming Events

Stay updated on our upcoming events. Follow us on Social Media for more.


Gathering books for children

12:00 am - 5:00 pm Montreal, Canada

Recycle your old books and stationery items with us and help us give them away to the masses who need them the most.


Meet & greet volunteer ny

12:00 am - 5:00 pm London, UK

Meet and greet our volunteers who make it possible for us to spread awareness and fight the major causes that are pulling us down.

Our Partners

Our valuable partners who have helped us pave the way throughout our journey.

Participate with us to shape the education of the future.